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Multus CNI (Container Network Interface) is a novel approach to managing multiple CNIs in your container network (Kubernetes). Based on its name, which means multiple in Latin, Multus is an open-source plug-in, which serves as an additional layer in a container network, to enable multi-interface support. For example, Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) often depend on connectivity towards multiple network interfaces.

The CNI project itself, backed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, defines a minimum specification on what a common interface should look like. The CNI project consists of three primary components:

  • Specification: an API that lies between the network plugins and runtimes
  • Plugins: depending on use-cases, they help set up the network
  • Library: CNI specifications as Go implementations, which are then utilized by runtimes

Each CNI can deliver different results, which makes Multus a wonderful plugin to manage these functionalities and make them work together.

Multus delivers this functionality in form of a contact between the container runtime and a selection of plugins, which are called upon to do the actual net configuration tasks.

Multus Characteristics

  • No net configuration by itself (dependent on other plugins)
  • Uses Flannel to group plugins into delegates
  • Support for reference & 3rd party plugins
  • Supports SRIOV, DPDK, OVS-DPDK & VPP workloads with cloud-native & NFV based applications

Multus Plugin Support & Management

Management of plugins done by handling plugins as delegates (using Flannel), which can be invoked into a certain sequence, based on either a JSON scheme or CNI configuration. Flannel is an overlay network in Kubernetes, which configures layer 3 network fabric and therefore satisfies Kubernetes requirements (run by default on many plugins). Multus then invokes the eth0 interface in the pod for the primary/master plugin, while the rest of the plugins receive netx interfaces ( net0, net1, etc.).

Utilizing Cloud-Native Network Functions

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Originally published at https://pantheon.tech on April 12, 2021.

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