A Containerized RESTCONF-NETCONF App ☁

2 min readJan 28, 2022

The lighty.io RNC (RESTCONF-NETCONF) application allows to easily initialize, start and utilize the most used OpenDaylight services and optionally add custom business logic.

lighty.io RNC has been recently used in the first-ever production deployment of ONAP, by Orange.

This pre-packed container image served as a RESTCONF — NETCONF bridge for communication between the ONAP component CDS and Cisco® NSO.

Inside the app, we provide a pre-prepared Helm chart that can be easily used for Kubernetes deployment. This tutorial explains the step-by-step deployment of the lighty.io RNC application with Helm 2/3 and a custom, local Kubernetes engine.

You can find the complete tutorial at this link!

You will learn how to deploy the lighty.io RNC app via Helm 2 or Helm 3. While developers might still prefer to use HELM2, we have prepared scenarios for deployment in both versions of this Kubernetes package manager.

It is up to you, which Kubernetes engine you will pick for this deployment. We will be using and going through the installation of the microk8s Local Kubernetes engine.

  • Helm 2: Condition is to use k8s versions 1.21 or lower
  • Helm 3: Condition is to use k8s version 1.22 and higher

Likewise, we will show you how to simulate NETCONF devices through another lighty.io tool. The tutorial will finish by showing you simple CRUD operations for testing the lighty.io RNC App.

Why lighty.io?

PANTHEON.tech’s enhanced OpenDaylight based software offers significant benefits in performance, agility, and availability.

As the ongoing lead contributor to Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight, PANTHEON.tech develops lighty.io, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the network controller experience for a variety of use-cases.

lighty.io offers a modular and scalable architecture, allowing dev-ops greater flexibility to deploy only those modules and libraries that are required for each use-case. This means that lighty.io is not only more lightweight at run time, but also more agile at development and deployment time.

And since only the minimum required set of components and libraries is present in a deployment at runtime, stability is enhanced as well.

Due to its modular capability, lighty.io provides a stable & scalable network controller experience, ideal for production deployments, enabling the burgeoning multitude of 5G/Edge use cases.

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